These guidelines apply to all poster presentations for the D-Foot and Global Conference 2023 .
If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Vadivellu (contact number 0163641115 ) and email ( globalabstract2023@gmail.com)


All presenters must register for the conference no later than the 31st of August 2023 . Any presenter not registered by this date is subject to removal from the program. Presenters can register www.mswcp.org

Deadline For Uploading Abstracts

All poster authors should upload their completed abstracts (not the actual poster or a PowerPoint file) to the conference email by *31st of August 2023 *. The file must be submitted in Pdf format (PowerPoint will not be accepted).

Poster Session Date/Time
6-8 th of October from 8 am to 5 pm*

Placing and Removing Your Poster

  • All presenters are asked to **put up the poster *
  • All poster boards will be numbered, indicating assigned poster spaces for each session.
  • We will dispose of posters left behind at the conclusion of the session.
  • Poster boards will be provided to display poster presentation materials. The poster size should be no larger than than size A1 [594 x 841 mm]. Materials, including the title, should not extend beyond the poster size.Posters should be prepared as a single poster rather than multiple posters pieced together.
  • All posters should be based on the submitted abstract as accepted by the Scientific Programme Committee. The Poster Board Number will be posted on site. Please bring your poster with you. You will not be able to print your poster on-site.
  • Please be informed that the Organizing Committee will not be responsible for any damages and losses of posters.

Poster Format

Your poster presentation should include:

  • The paper title and all authors at the top of the poster
  • A brief introduction, goals, experimental detail, conclusions, and references (make sure this information is presented in a logical and clear sequence)
  • Explanations for graphs, pictures, and tables.
  • Font Sizes (suggested minimum)
  • Title: 36 point type
  • List of authors: 25 point type
  • Double-spaced text: 15 point type
  • The entire poster layout should be readable from six to ten feet away Be careful in your use of colors, some people are red-green color blind and some colors do not stand out in contrast to others.

Add QR Code (optional)

Use a QR code on your poster to give the audience more information about your presentation.
The barcode can be designed to link the person viewing your poster to a related video, your website, or your contact information.

Posters design

Design your poster so that it is easy to read and include some visuals. Allocate the top of the poster for the title and authors' names and affiliations. Remember the audience may have a short time frame to read your poster.
Posters printed on foam core will be much harder to hang up, please consider this when choosing the materials and format for your poster.

Mounting and Supplies

Double-sided tape as well as other supplies for mounting will NOT be available on site. Do not use foam core or any thick or multi-layered materials or pushpins directly on the poster boards. Please make sure that the material used for the poster allows it to be posted on the boards.

Poster Appearance

  • Keep text brief. Report only key aspects of each section (methods, results, discussion, and policy or management implications).
  • It is not advisable to display the entire text from a manuscript.
  • Too much detail detracts from the primary message of the text.
  • Keep figures simple. Convey only one idea per figure, table, or photograph.
  • Figures from publications, theses, or dissertations normally do not make good visuals.
  • Text and figures should be readable to someone standing at a distance of six feet.
  • Charts and graphs should clearly show what you want the audience to see.
  • Use appropriate blank space between words, sections, and figures.
  • Use appropriate and compatible colors for fonts, backgrounds, graphics, and matting.
  • White backgrounds generally are best for text.
  • Simple typefaces are preferable to fancy fonts. Bold type may be effective on headings.