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Missed out on our Webinar “A Novel Organic Approach in Chronic Wounds”, not to worry catch the whole session over here.

About this Webinar

An introduction to WoundKreme, a novel organic ointment for the management of chronic wounds.

For more information on Woundkreme, kindly contact:

Ms SyanasRadzali
Chief Operating Officer, Feuilleorganix

Here are some awesome feedbacks we received from our session

Very good and i hope webinars like this will be continue in the future to increase knowledge in the field of medicine and health

- Nurse, Singapore

Modern webinars like this are very helpful for updating the latest knowledge on modern wound care, I hope more webinars like this will be held

- Nurse, Indonesia

It's an honour to learn and get more information ... Looking forward to joining the future webinar sessions

- Doctor, Malaysia

Wound care is a good topic to be discussed. Great webinar session

- Doctor, Malaysia

It was awesome. Please keep them coming

- Nurse Australia

An amazing session very informative

- Nurse, United Kingdom

Good information regarding wound management

- Doctor, Philippines

It was very informative. Please keep informing me on any future webinar or workshops

- Nurse, Malaysia

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Business Matching

Botrem Healthcare

We are Malaysian home grown, locally formulating and manufacturing our range of rehabilitative care products harnessing food grade natural ingredients for therapeutic efficacy in our formulations.Our novel Botrem Restoractiv INTENSIVE intricate care wash is now Clinically Proven effective adjunct for lower limb chronic and complex wounds.Its study findings will be unveiled during the conference at the lunch symposium segment by Botrem Co founder Dr Azmi Abdul Khan.
Reach us through the given contact below or click the link to be redirected to our website


Dr Azmi Abdul Khan  +6014 3563033

Tengku zainal Abidin +6012 2108797